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We Prepare Students For

  • Jobs that don’t yet exist
  • Creating extraordinary businesses
  • Solving our world’s challenges
  • Caring for their own mental, emotional and physical well-being
  • Creating and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Being excellent communicators & problem-solvers
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Working in community
  • A life of financial abundance by knowing how to make, save, protect, spend and borrow money
  • Caring for our planet
  • Being happy, productive, contributing members of society

What Makes Us Different?

Well… everything. Below is a list of some specific things that make us different.

  • Classes are never bigger than 22 students, often less then 15.
  • Our schools are capped at 300 students.
  • Curriculum is taught using proven unconventional methods so students enjoy learning AND learn significantly more in less time.
  • Curriculum is kept up-to-date and much of it was created by or inspired by world-class experts who are considered the best-of-the-best in their field.
  • We use the Student-Centered Teacher-Empowered model of education which means that much of your child’s experience in school is custom tailored to their unique awesomeness, and our teachers are empowered and given the resources and authority to do their jobs.
  • We teach our teachers and facilitators innovative and highly effective classroom management skills.
  • We provide a significant amount of personal development to our teachers and faculty. This helps ensure that your child will be interacting with adults who have the right mindset.
  • Teachers & Facilitators are paid above the national average and held accountable for results. We do not have an academic tenure program nor do we believe in them.
  • Our schools are trauma informed and students are given a significant amount of personal development.
  • We help each student identify their natural strengths and abilities and show them how to cultivate and leverage them.
  • Students are taught critical LIFE SKILLS such as how to take care of their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, financial intelligence, critical thinking, negotiating, communication, healthy relationships, First Aid, nutrition, gardening, food preparation, and MUCH more.
  • Students are taught how to be happy contributing members of society, excellent communicators and problem-solvers, exceptional employees and business owners.
  • Our schools transform into FREE enriching recreational centers before and after school. We have a variety of FREE extracurricular programs, sports and activities available as well as some additional paid programming.
  • Exceptionally healthy food is served – nothing is processed or refined, it’s mostly organic and free of all of the major allergens, meets all major religious standards, and the meal plan has been proven to improve cognitive abilities in kids and improve their overall health.
  • All students and faculty eat FREE (students get up to 3 meals and 2 snacks per day for FREE – no child goes to bed hungry on our watch). Parent volunteers also get a free meal.
  • High quality filtered water is provided to students and faculty.
  • We have expertly designed non-gender specific uniforms for our students and faculty that are super soft, breathable, flexible, and affordable (and free for students who cannot afford them).
  • We have an optional weekly Saturday Parent Day Program where parents can come eat a free healthy delicious breakfast with their kid(s) while taking a free educational class from a world-class expert.
  • We’re a year round school with a flexible J-Term in July. During J-Term students do a deep dive on a passion project either in school or out of school or they can spend J-Term traveling with their family. Teachers and facilitators are off during J-Term and the in-school passion projects are run by community leaders, guest experts, and student teachers. This gives our teachers and facilitators a summer break and students an opportunity to do a deep dive into a passion project.
  • Students get a short break between each quarter but the school is still open as a FREE enriching recreational center so when parents/guardians have to work, they can still drop their kids off at school (school is only closed on major holidays).
  • Students get 15 “Flex Days” per school year that they can use for family vacations, family fun days, mental health days, doctors appointments, or sick days.
  • Every school has an organic garden and students help plant, grow, harvest and prepare the food they eat.
  • Our schools are decorated in soft colors and there is NO fluorescent lighting or metal desks.
  • Students start their day with yoga, meditation, and a gratitude and goals journaling practice.
  • There’s very little homework – most days the only homework that students have is it read.
  • Our 11th and 12th grade students learn on-the-job skills through internships in the community and in some cases online internships.
  • We offer a FREE optional entrepreneurship program.
  • Students get a thorough financial education. Before graduation our students are successfully earning and saving money. They understand how to spend, borrow and invest money. They know how to rent an apartment, buy a car, buy a home, and save for retirement. They understand interest, insurance, money mindset, and how the world of money operates.
  • We have a Tapping Into Brilliance Team with the sole purpose of helping our special needs students THRIVE.
  • We don’t do any labeling. At our schools, a student is a student. We will of course provide the special assistance your child requires, however, they won’t be labeled or singled out. They’ll be treated as the brilliant superstar they are.
  • We provide every student the core foundation they need to live an extraordinary life. Our students will become happy, healthy, contributing members of society.

We’re Physical Schools with a Virtual Presence

Core Foundations Academy is a model of education that is available to ALL free public schools – traditional schools and charter schools. Each school is independent so you can open a Core Foundations Academy or convert your existing school to the Core Foundations Academy model.

The Core Foundations Academy model includes an online program so that students have the option to attend Core Foundations Academy virtually. Students also have the option to roll into the online program anytime and then roll back into any Core Foundations Academy physical school. So if a family plans to travel for an extended period of time or the student has an extreme illness or some other situation where online school would be better suited for them either temporarily or long term, the student can take advantage of the online program anytime.

We essentially work like a franchise system but of course are non-profit. For more details on opening a Core Foundations Academy or converting your school to our model, click here.

There Are 3 Types Of
Core Foundations Academy Schools

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